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- Placed on the ballot by thousands of voter petition signatures in 2004! -
- An election candidate NOMINEE 2006, 2008, & 2010! -
- Vote Mike for U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES district 20! -

Commander Idrogo on Yugoslavia War tour of duty

Endorsed by national organizations!
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Idrogo = Integrity, Ideas, Innovation

NAVY fighter jetskiing fly-by!
( Kids, don't try this at home!! )

VIDEO: NAVY F18 fighter.. from carrier launch; flying; and landing back on aircraft carrier.

VIDEO: Take their "War on America" back upon them.

(Watch this one FULL SCREEN!)

O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R     2 0 1 8

- Placed on the ballot by thousands of voter petition signatures in 2004! -
- An election candidate NOMINEE 2006, 2008, & 2010! -
- Vote Mike for U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES district 20! -

For starters, my name is Michael Idrogo.
Idrogo is of Italian origin which means:
"IDRO" = "HYDRO", "GO" = "ER" .. "water-er" or "waterman" as would be commonly called in English.. .. a name over 3000 years old [while most family names were originated in the 1500s].. from family fathers who engineered waterways, aqueducts, irrigation systems, anything dealing with water. Elect Navy commander veteran Michael Idrogo, and you will experience even more success!

Back in 1997 (and one of the SARA elected board members can confirm) I began suggesting that the San Antonio River Walk be extended from downtown all the way to Brackenridge Park. [I have made many other suggestions.. which have been constructed for most everyone's benefit!]

I propose:

- Building a waterway canal from the Texas intracoastal to San Antonio; for economic development and jobs!   .. A $100 BILLION per year industry.. compared to only $3 BILLION per year for all of rail and trucking!

- Export incubator for any company withinin Bexar County and all counties of the San Antonio River Authority.

- Strict environmental protections for wildlife, environment, and wetlands!

= = = = = = = * = = = = = = =

Other candidates want you to elect them
.. so they can be your boss!

I, Michael Idrogo, on the other hand, ask for your vote
.. so I can be YOUR Public Servant.
You see, I believe, as Our Nation's Founding Fathers envisioned and created,
that the individual Citizen is the Sovereign (i.e. "The Boss") and the officeholders ("Public Servants")
are supposed to work for you! Not the other way around (as most other candidates carryon).
SOVEREIGNTY in the United States

... as seen on TV:

N E W     P A N A M A X
coming in 2014 !!

Michael supports building a SAN ANTONIO BARGE WATERWAY CANAL from the Texas intracoastal to San Antonio (for jobs)!
It can coincide with the larger future PANAMA CANAL.

The San Antonio River Authority was created in 1938.. for the purpose "TO BUILD AND OPERATE A BARGE WATERWAY CANAL FROM THE INTRACOASTAL TO BRAUNIG LAKE!" It has yet to accomplish that task given by the legislature back in 1938; Braunig Lake has been built; a portion of the San Antonio River Waterway Canal has been built from the intracoastal up into Victoria, Texas; it is our duty to accomplish to task given way back in 1938!

Truck & rail traffic = $3 BILLION per year; inland water traffic = $100 BILLION per year!


San Antonio was "put on the map" because of transportation! Railroad transportation!
If we build this canal.. it will merge a number of transportation modes to use San Antonio as their "center of the universe":

- Railroads

- Interstates (IH-10, IH-35, HWY-90, US-281, etc)


- West Texas natural gas

- Freight to/from California

- Freight to/from southeastern U.S.

- San Antonio will become "the westernmost, warmest port on the massive U.S. intracoastal waterway system!" (The intracoastal stretches from Boston to Brownsville, and includes the Mississippi and other major rivers, the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence waterway, the New York waterway canals, and with links to major highway and road transportation, to include cities of: New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, all Florida cities, etc.); and vessels from around the world will be able to make a port-of-call at San Antonio's doorstep!!!

In Italy, a canal waterway was built about the time of Columbus. It is still in use today, more than 500 years later. When it was built, it generated enourmous wealth for the area residents.. that many were able to build gigantic mansions!

Canale Piovego in Padova, Italy (Padova is the city of Saint Anthony; Saint Anthony of Padova is for whom San Antonio, Texas is named.)

For Voter Education:

Panama's economy

A Singapore for Central America?

Latin America’s fastest-growing country has set its sights high.

ON A humid stretch of Pacific coast in one of the poorest parts of the Americas, somebody seems to have misplaced a chunk of Manhattan. The 50-storey skyscrapers of Panama City jut out of the jungle like nowhere else in low-rise Central America. Panama’s smart banks, open economy and long queues of boats at its ports have caused many to compare it to Singapore, another steamy success story. Panama’s president, Ricardo Martinelli, made his country’s first state visit there in 2010 and later said, “We copy a lot from Singapore and we need to copy more.”

Panama is not even one-fifth as rich as its Asian model on a per-person basis. But Singapore would envy its growth: from 2005 to 2010 its economy expanded by more than 8% a year, the fastest rate in the Americas. The IMF expects it to grow by over 6% a year during the next five years. Panama will soon overtake Costa Rica and Venezuela in GDP per head. Accounting for purchasing power, it is one of the five richest countries in mainland Latin America.

An 80km (50-mile) channnel of water has played a big part. In 2010 the Panama Canal’s revenues were $2 billion (7.5% of GDP). This year they are up by a quarter, thanks to more traffic and higher tolls. The canal and Panama’s business-friendly regulations have spawned big insurance, finance and legal industries and endowed Panama with the world’s biggest merchant navy, at least on paper. A free-trade zone in Colón, at the canal’s Atlantic end, has lured the regional bases of firms like Procter & Gamble. Last year Colón and Balboa, Panama’s Pacific gateway, became Latin America’s two busiest ports.

Panama’s import tariffs are among the lowest in Latin America, and the country has received foreign direct investment worth nearly 9% of GDP, the largest share on the continent. A $5.3 billion expansion of the canal for bigger ships is due to be completed in 2014. Separately, the government has begun a five-year, $13.6 billion investment plan, focusing on schools, hospitals, sewerage, roads and a metro for the congested capital. Pensions for the poor and a universal scholarship will help to reduce inequality, which is among the worst in the Americas. In indigenous areas, 85% of people cannot afford enough calories for an adequate diet—even as the champagne flows in the capital’s casinos. And the “Latin Singapore” remains deeply un-Singaporean in two more ways. One is education, where Panama’s spending has not yielded good results. The PISA study, a test of 15-year-olds, places Panama 63rd out of 65 economies, behind the likes of Albania. Singapore comes fourth. Bad schools are common in Latin America. But in a country of 3.5m the shortage of skilled workers is acute, discouraging foreign firms from investing and slowing their growth. Mario Cuevas, an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank, says that Panama’s Singaporean plan is “a realistic goal, not just a hope”. But he notes that whereas Singapore’s success rests on high productivity, Panama’s growth has come from accumulating capital in the form of infrastructure.

More serious are weak institutions. Singapore is reckoned one of the world’s least corrupt countries. Panama, in contrast, is not even the cleanest in Central America, according to Transparency International, a pressure group. The World Economic Forum, a business-minded think-tank, scolds Panama for its corruptible public officials and lack of judicial independence.

Mr Martinelli, a supermarket magnate, is not helping. Leaked cables from the United States embassy warned that he “may be willing to set aside the rule of law in order to achieve his political and developmental goals”, and said he had asked for American help in bugging his opponents. The popular president is accused of meddling with the Supreme Court and of conspiring to oust the attorney-general. He now wants to introduce a presidential run-off and reduce the time before being eligible to stand for re-election, which would suit his own political interests.

Doubts about the rule of law have already hurt the country. Some foreign construction firms did not bid for the Panama City metro contract, fearing the tender was rigged. (A free-trade deal with the United States, expected to be approved soon by America’s Congress, will make procurement more transparent.) In June a posh part of Panama City, where Donald Trump is building a 70-storey hotel and residential complex, was flooded with sewage because planning laws had been ignored.

The biggest long-term worry is that the Panama Canal Authority, an autonomous state agency admired for its efficient operation, could be captured by the government and run as a short-term cash-cow. Pemex, Mexico’s creaking state-owned oil monopoly, is sometimes cited as a cautionary tale. Unless Panama cleans up its government, it runs the risk of becoming the next Mexico rather than the next Singapore.

Port of Dublin

Commander Idrogo (veteran of foreign wars) on aircraft carrier USS AMERICA on a tour of duty in the combat zone of war-torn Yugoslavia. Pin-pointed Milosevic's chemical weapons production; one of the massive production plants was as big as Kelly Air Force Base!

In the chemical accident in Bhopal, INDIA, within three days 8,000 people were killed; over 20,000 people died as a direct result of the disaster; and as many as 500,000 were adversely affected because of contamination which caused lingering health disorders and an ecological disaster -- MILOSEVIC'S CHEMICAL WEAPONS WERE FAR, FAR MORE LETHAL!

FROM ONE WAR TO ANOTHER! We quickly left Yugoslavia and busted through the Suez Canal down to the other combat zone in the Horn of Africa to provide direct support to the Army after their "Blackhawk Down" incident in Mogadishu, Somalia!


Commander Idrogo returned to a second tour of duty to the combat zone of war-torn Yugoslavia and provided direction as to how to quickly stop Milosevic's military; how to stop Milosevic; and how to destroy the chemical weapons production plants. When the plan was implemented.. Milosevic was waving the white flag demanding a cease-fire within three days! The plan was a success!



Navy commander veteran

Veteran of Foreign Wars


Michael has lived in PARIS:

Michael has lived in TOKYO (the world's largest city, with 39 million people!!
[In comparison, Texas has 25 million population.]):

Michael has lived in VENICE..

So what does.. Michael's living around the world.. mean?? MORE EXPERIENCE with how to deal with innovative methods and policies.. Michael's philosophy is that we can make our world better than what we found it. For example, our new parking meters downtown.. Michael first saw them in Italy in 1996 and he asked the company (in London) that makes them to bring them to San Antonio; no more digging for coins; pay by credit card if you wish.. and you can pay additional to your parking at the nearest meter.. so you don't have to run all the way back to your car! The new city garbage truck system; Michael first saw those in Paris in 1990.. he also asked that company to bring those to San Antonio. INNOVATIONS. IMPROVEMENTS. QUALITY! Michael has many more innovations to provide!! Help elect Michael to office!

Michael even put in the initial suggestion for CARS (Cash For Clunkers)to the chairman of General Motors and thereafter Congress enacted it into one of the most successful laws and economic turnarounds of our nation's history!

. . .

- Placed on the ballot by thousands of voter petition signatures in 2004! -
- An election candidate NOMINEE 2006, 2008, & 2010! -
- Vote Mike for U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES district 20! -

Solution?: Vote Michael "Commander" Idrogo

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First Amendment Freedom of Speech & Right To Petition Government.

San Antonio was named on June 13, 1691
Saint Anthony of Padova, Italy
( August 15, 1195 - June 13, 1251 )

Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padova, Italy

For Voter Education:

High-tech Michael's LIVE camera images from around the world:

Panama Canal



Portofino, Italy

Venice, Italy
San Antonio
Washington, D.C.
Bridge Cam - M/S NORKAP

For Voter Education. Pursuant 1st Amendment.